Payroll Services

Payroll Services

HRIS/Payroll & Employee Self Service ( Microsoft Dynamic GP )

  • Payroll compliance with 1998 CTRP or RA# 8424 (Act Amending the National Internal Revenue Code or NIR ) Definition of Tax, individuals, allowable deductions, computation of gross income and percentage of taxes
  • Compliance with Philhealth Circular No. 057 Series 2012 (New Philhealth Table 2013)
  • User configurable if Earning is TAXABLE, SSS Philhealth and HDMF
  • Support several pay-periods (Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Semi Monthly, etc)
  • Special Run( ie. Employees on Maternity Leave, payroll on hold during the regular process ( incomplete requirements) , sick leave but entitled to allowable allowances and benefits
  • Real time Filing and monitoring of Leaves - Default accrual of leave credits equivalent to per month for regular and newly regularized employees, SL/VL Conversion real time filing of leave, once approved available leave credits shall be automatically updated /recorded. Option to view via ESS Home Page or sent through Email of ECC to check if approved or not. Filing of Leaves regardless of the location, anytime anywhere.
  • Maintains Loan amortization and balances (Diminishing balance summary) Monitor loans paid/balances and generate report includes OR/SBR No. or any proof of remittance.
  • Unlimited Number of Bonuses and Earnings
  • Printing of BIR Reports ( Alpha list, Alpha list Text File to be forwarded to BIR or assigned RDO, Form 2316, 1601C, etc.) Perform Annualization process compilation

Payroll Related Reports

  • General Reports ( Employee Gross Income, taxable and non-taxable, government loans and deductions, Employee/Employer deductions and other deduction mandated by the company (i.e. cash advances, cellphone deductions in excess of prescribed plan, company loans, car loan, uniform deduction, replacement fee/loss or damaged company property,
  • Personnel Master List - Headcount Report per Dept./Branch Office
  • Employee Pay slip, Payroll Register, Payroll Journal Register ( General Ledger Entry or Register )
  • Earnings, Deduction, Benefit Register
  • Monthly / Quarterly withholding tax, SSS & PhilHealth & HDMF
  • Generation of Text File report to be submitted to Government Agencies ( R3 Report, HDMF Loan Report, SSS Contributions, Monthly generated Tax Report, Phil Health Contributions Report

Main Office
Main Office. 9F, 262 Equitable Bank Bldg, Juan Luna Street. Binondo, Manila, Philippines Tel No: (632) 242-7146 local 8790. Fax No.: 241-5972

Makati Office
Makati Office. 2F, Maxicare Tower, 203 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines. Tel No: (632) 242-7146 local 2609. Fax No.: 241-5972.